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Posted by MediaStreetBloggr on 12th February 2010

For pricing and to become a reseller of the eMotion Digital Frame line, please email sales @

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WiFi, Internet Connected “Easy to Set-up & Easy to Use” Digital Frames, are the next wave…

Posted by MediaStreetBloggr on 11th February 2010

All data is from IDC Research (


IDC Research data shows that House Hold wireless penetration is currently at 45%, and growing dramatically. Digital frame total house hold penetration is 13%, and “wireless” represents less than 5% of total digital frame penetration which translates to plenty of room for growth and opportunity.

The average age of the digital frame purchaser is 38-43.  This age group is technology savvy, and if they purchase a wireless frame as a gift for their parents, knowing their parents limited technology expertise, they will probably deploy a wireless solution to connect the frame. IDC survey shows that ease of use/deployment is what will drive current frame owners to purchase another frame.  The eMotion Social-Connect utilizing the built-in LifeGoRound platform provides them with a compelling solution where they can upload photos and distribute to multiple frames with a click of one button.

Last years Digital Frame sales should be no reflection on future sales growth and opportunity.  2009 was a tough year all around in every category (with the possible exception of Apple products).   With the economy in turmoil, consumer disposable income declined and purchases shifted to focus on necessity rather than items that would be nice to have. As a footnote, one large “Digital Frame brand”  told IDC Research, as one example, that they expect a 5 to 10% growth in orders during 2010. They had a slight growth in 2009, and they are the market leader with 40 to 50% share….

According to IDC data, current 2010 lines ups of 8″ Wifi frames offer street prices between $129 to $149.

Besides its new 8″ eMotion Social-Connect, with a street price at around $140, Media Street will also be announcing a 7″ version that will cost about $20 less.

More Value & Social Rewards for Retailers to Sell WiFi Digital Frames:
When a new user signs up for LifeGoRound (, which is a free, stand-alone social sharing platform, they are greeted with a  photo album from founders Norm & Michael Levy that show how fun and easy sharing is.  That album can be replaced by RETAILERS’ social network marketing efforts such as their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.  From a retailers perspective, the best part about marrying digital photo frames to social media is its inherent, addicting, every day use… Finally, a digital photo frame worthy of sales year-round, not just the last 6 weeks of the year!

For more information, or to set up a face-to-face with Norm or Michael Levy: please email: sales @

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Digital Photo Frames Poised for Year-round Growth

Posted by MediaStreetBloggr on 6th February 2010


Since “Digital Photo Frames” began to populate American homes during Holiday Season 2006, statistics and retail sales have proven that, up until today, the Digital Photo Frame category has been a “seasonal” product mainly for “gifting”; Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Back To School & Holidays.

As online social-networks have spurred new-found love and demand for sharing photos with family and friends, we are uploading more photos to the internet than ever before in our history. While family and friends have always turned to “photos” to relive our fondest memories, we are now taking pictures in ways never before done. Today, we update our Twitter feeds and Facebook feeds with new photos of the “moment”. We share what we are doing “today” rather than the way our parents only “snapped” special occasions (pull that photo out of the box of you with your birthday hat on playing pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey:-).

Due to our new social-behavior we have more content being created by us and shared with us and we want to be able to enjoy all of the content in a more social and cozy environment than on the cold computer monitor.

Media Street has developed a new social-media-sharing platform that allows everyone to enjoy all of the content they have online including but not limited to: Facebook photos, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, Youtube and also their Twitter feeds and Facebook news & status updates. You can also stream any and all of your favorite content from any of your sources including People magazine, Parenting magazine, ESPN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TMZ, Mashable, etc, etc.

With the development of this next-level social-sharing platform called “LifeGoRound”, all WiFi (internet connected) Digital Photo Frames, will finally become a year-round sought-after consumer electronic.

The world’s first LifeGoRound-enabled frame is the eMotion Social-Connect Digital Photo Frame. The eMotion Social-Connect was demonstrated by the COO of Facebook at a high-tech conference in Silicon Valley and hailed as a “new and clever way to enjoy your Facebook photos.”

For more information and to set your company up to distribute the ‘eMotion Social-Connect”, please email (sales @ or call us (888-633-4295, ext 14).

If you are a device manufacturer and would like to enable your device to receive content from LifeGoRound, please email bizdev @

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The New York Times – Personal Tech Section – by Rik Fairlie

Posted by MediaStreetBloggr on 28th January 2010

Picture This: One Frame to View All Your Photos

Media Street has created new social and photo sharing platform called  “LifeGoRound”  that serves as a stand-alone content portal as well as feeds the content to its eMotion Social Connect digital frame, and to any other “WiFi” connected frame and device…

Please read the entire story in Thursdays’ Business Section (January 28th, 2010, page B10) Personal Tech Section of the print version of The New York Times, or view the article on The New York Times web site here:

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The New York Times – Gadgetwise Section

Posted by MediaStreetBloggr on 19th January 2010

Digital Photo Frames Join the Social Scene

A new digital photo frame provides an easy way to share photos, social networking updates, and RSS feeds.

Rik Fairlie's "LifeGoRound" Screen Shot

Rik Fairlie's "LifeGoRound" Screen Shot


 Media Street has created a platform called LifeGoRound that serves as a content portal for its eMotion Social Connect digital frame, an 8-inch Wi-Fi-enabled display priced at $149. The LifeGoRound platform enables you to view photos stored at sharing sites like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, and Walmart.

….I have been using the eMotion frame on my desk, and it’s almost like having a second display for monitoring Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds. Media Street has a few kinks to work out, but the LifeGoRound platform and eMotion frame are a fun way to go social and share photos.

Please read the full story here:

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Enjoy Feeds from your Favorite Magazines, Blogs, News, Sports, Recipes, etc

Posted by MediaStreetBloggr on 11th December 2009

Now you can add your favorite FEEDS to your LifeGoRound account so you can view content at any time via the Slideshow within your LifeGoRound and on your Digital Photo Frame:

We scoured the internet for a large variety of FEEDS that you can grab and paste them to your LifeGoRound account:


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eMotion Social-Connect Digital Photo Frame – The World’s First LifeGoRound-compliant Device

Posted by MediaStreetBloggr on 12th November 2009


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