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Media Street’s Michael Levy to be on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday AM Feb, 3rd

Posted by MediaStreetBloggr on 31st January 2010


Michael Levy, VP of Media Street has been asked to be on “Fox & Friends” this Tuesday to discuss the important issues of how small business can fund their growth without the help of a bank.

Michael will be a guest on Fox & Friends, along with Richard Eitelberg of Hartsko Financial to share their insights and experiences on this critical and timely issue. 

While Media Street counts on Hartsko Financial for “Purchase Order” financing, the company still has tough “financial woes” ahead in attempts to reach their growth potential by affording expenses such as hiring the proper caliper of people,  inventory,  product development, advertising and professional public relations to name just a few.

With its new social media sharing platform called LifeGoRound, hailed by the COO of Facebook as a clever and cool way to enjoy your Facebook photos, Media Street is experiencing dramatic growth and is looking for financial backing beyond the “Purchase Orders” .  However, without the Purchase Order financing in place, Media Street would have been forced to shut down prior to “Holiday Season 2009” by turning away all of its orders.

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Michael Levy interviewed by The New York Times in Print & in Video

Posted by MediaStreetBloggr on 31st January 2010

Michael Levy, whose firm makes digital frames, said that after the financial crisis, his traditional bank refused to finance a big order he received.

When the Banks Don’t Lend

With banks timid about lending, small businesses, such as Media Street, have turned to unconventional lenders like Hartsko Financial Services, which provides high interest short-term loans to small and midsize companies.

Coverage begins on the front page of todays Business Section, Sunday, January 31st, 2010.

There is also a Video of the segment:

There is also a New York Times Blog of the “Print” Article

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The New York Times – Personal Tech Section – by Rik Fairlie

Posted by MediaStreetBloggr on 28th January 2010

Picture This: One Frame to View All Your Photos

Media Street has created new social and photo sharing platform called  “LifeGoRound”  that serves as a stand-alone content portal as well as feeds the content to its eMotion Social Connect digital frame, and to any other “WiFi” connected frame and device…

Please read the entire story in Thursdays’ Business Section (January 28th, 2010, page B10) Personal Tech Section of the print version of The New York Times, or view the article on The New York Times web site here:

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The New York Times – Gadgetwise Section

Posted by MediaStreetBloggr on 19th January 2010

Digital Photo Frames Join the Social Scene

A new digital photo frame provides an easy way to share photos, social networking updates, and RSS feeds.

Rik Fairlie's "LifeGoRound" Screen Shot

Rik Fairlie's "LifeGoRound" Screen Shot


 Media Street has created a platform called LifeGoRound that serves as a content portal for its eMotion Social Connect digital frame, an 8-inch Wi-Fi-enabled display priced at $149. The LifeGoRound platform enables you to view photos stored at sharing sites like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, and Walmart.

….I have been using the eMotion frame on my desk, and it’s almost like having a second display for monitoring Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds. Media Street has a few kinks to work out, but the LifeGoRound platform and eMotion frame are a fun way to go social and share photos.

Please read the full story here:

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The HOTTEST 3D Announcement @ CES 2010! The World’s First 3D Digital Photo Frame – And You Do Not Need Glasses!

Posted by MediaStreetBloggr on 7th January 2010

"eMotion 3D Digital Photo Frame"

"eMotion 3D Digital Photo Frame"

The Media Street Group is proud to announce the first of its kind 3D Digital Photo Frame.  The “eMotion 3D Digital Photo Frame” takes anaglyph images and magically displays the image in full 3D effect WITHOUT the need to wear glasses of any kind!  It even has patented technology built-in to the software that converts your standard digital photo and makes it look 3 dimensional.  And, what would a 3D device be if it would not play 3D movies and videos, so of course, this functionality is built in to the “eMotion 3D Digital Photo Frame”; enjoy 3D photos, movies and videos.

“We are so excited to introduce our new 3D Digital Frame technology to our Retailers as it helps them, once again, with our award-winning line, to differentiate and add value, in extremely trying times,” shares Norm Levy, president of the Media Street Group.  “Some of our retailers will actually be using our 3D eMotion as Digital Advertsing Signage Displays which is sure to turn heads.”

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eMotion Social-Connect Digital Photo Frame – Retail Display 2010

Posted by MediaStreetBloggr on 5th January 2010


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