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Long & Winding “Media Street” – Takes You Back to the Enjoyment of Viewing & Sharing Your Photos

Posted by MediaStreetBloggr on 24th January 2009

With 7 years experience designing, developing and manufacturing the award-winning line of eMotion Digital Photo Frames, Media Street is now poised to target the 98% of the photos that do NOT get printed.  As we take more snapshots than ever before in our history, we also are no longer in the habit of printing our keepsakes, as we used to, to share and show our family and friends.  eMotion Digital Photo Frames are the most logical next step to enjoy and share your photos at any time, at any place.

The line-up of eMotion Frames range from small digital photo viewers with screens of 1.5″, up to stunning extra large 20″ Digital Art & Photo Frames.  New technological advances include Bluetooth connectivity as well as internet connected devices; Frames as well as portable media players.

With the use of Digital Photo Frames, you can bring all of your digital media to life and enjoy a photo slideshow even during your holiday meal or while friends and family are gathered around.  eMotion Digital Photo Frames allow you to play your photos, music and video files.

Championing the electronics side of digital photography, Media Street c0ntinues to offer innovation at every turn.  For anyone with ANY brand Digital Photo Frame, Media Street developed a web portal to allow for searching and discovering thousands of FREE photos and art to download and enjoy on your Frame.  Please visit  For an incredible journey of site and sound, Media Street developed a multimedia portal called http://Beyond.FM where you will discover and enjoy countless hours of legendary music, videos, interviews that streams on our web site or streamed directly to your electronic or mobile devices.

As the brainpower of Media Street’s chip sets used in the manufacture of its digital photo frames gets smarter and more robust, new spin-off electronics were born including unique music player devices and internet connected portable media players.

As Media Street’s electronics line began to take hold, selling through major retailers throughout the United States, the expansion of the eMotion electronics line allowed the formation of the new Media Street Group.  The Media Street Group is focused on the development of electronic products tied to internet content, from the users’ personal media, including their own photos, music, books, recipes and videos to also encompass their freinds, families and online social networks’ content and feeds as well.

Stay tuned.. in the coming days the Media Street Group will be sure to delight all of your social senses and help to direct and push your content  to where you would like to enjoy your content.. and to share it with whom you would like to share it with…  including the entire world:-)

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Free Resource for Digital Frame Owners and Photographers!

Posted by MediaStreetBloggr on 20th January 2009

We invite you to be amongst the first to see, and participate, in our newly designed resource for Photographers to get extra exposure on coffee tables, mantle pieces and office desks throughout the world!

We are launching a new FREE web source for any owner of any digital photo frame to search, discover, share and view Professional Photographs and Art.  The images can then be downloaded and enjoyed on their digital photo frame.

The sad fact is, that over 97% of the digital photos we are taking do not get printed anymore.  Digital Photo Frames are the best method to keep digital photos from getting lost on camera cards or on your computer’s hard drive.  You can even enjoy viewing photos DURING your holiday gatherings while you friends and family are gathered around.

My Digital Content is a free resource for digital frame owners to enable them to enjoy rotating through photos other than their family, friends and pets.  Enjoy photos of automobiles, architecture, Alaska, landscapes and so much more as a slideshow intertwined with your own personal photos.

Please spend time searching for the perfect images to view on your coffee table, mantle piece or office desk.

If you enjoy photography and feel that digital frame owners would appreciate viewing your images on their frames, please join other photographers from throughout the world that are getting new-found exposure… for FREE!

Please visit MyDigitalContent and ENJOY!  My Digital Content is powered by Media Street’s new Life Go Round campaign to simplify and organize your life’s stream of memories

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