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Award-Winning Digital Photo Frames and Web Platform Developer of LifeGoRound & ShoutOmatic


Based in Long Island, New York, Media Street designs and develops innovative solutions and platforms for sharing and enjoying your Digital Social Media.

Established in May of 2000, Media Street’s early claim-to-fame has been the development of the first commercially available “pigment-based”  ink for digital printing of photos and art.  Media Street’s Generations Ink & Media has been tested and rated to last beyond 100 years before noticeable fading or color shift and became a favorite  amongst the professional photography and art communities.  In 2008, Media Street sold its INKJET business to Ink2Image so it can focus on its new direction of marrying digital content to incredible electronics.

As digital cameras became ubiquitous, literally overnight, in 2003 (2003 digital cameras outsold film cameras for the first time) we began to take more snapshots than ever before in our history. While more photos were being taken, less were getting “printed”. In 2002, Media Street began to develop the first “Digital Photo Frame” that was built around a portable DVD Player, but aesthetically designed to look like a picture frame. Media Street’s FIRST retail sales for their newly developed Portable DVD Player was with “The Sharper Image” and Frontgate Mail Order catalogs, who remained loyal Media Street customers throughout the years.

Media Street has been earning design and functionality awards for its line of eMotion Digital Picture Frames since 2003.

Through the years, Media Street added robust, state-of-the-art technology into the brainpower of its digital picture frames. eMotion Frames can now play photos, music, videos, movies, books and can connect via Bluetooth and WiFi.

To Add Value and Innovation to the eMotion line up, Media Street invites  its 30,000 Professional Photographer customers to share their images with all eMotion Digital Frame customers. You can enjoy thousands of FREE professional photos and art by simply going to Sometimes you may need a break from viewing the kids and the pets and enjoy other spectacular imagery; nature, sports, architecture, celebrities, and so much more to incorporate into your slideshows.

Media Street is launching a new “physical” music format that will bring excitement back to buying music at Retail: vAMP (virtual Album MP3 Player) Albums and compilations are embedded onto the player in MP3 format and bonus content can also be embedded such as photos, album cover art, liner notes, tour schedules, interviews, behind the scenes stories, etc.

To refresh your music on your vAMP or iPod, Media Street worked with legendary Artists to create a unique digital music and video buying and sharing experience called: Beyond.FM.

As Media Street’s ability to design and develop unique electronics gained momentum, they turned attention to “eco-friendly” causes and introduced the world’s first solar powered portable media player that ALSO charges mobile device batteries (such as your Blackberry and iPhone).  eMotion Solar PMP was featured on many TV shows, most airline in-flight magazines as well as covered on CNBC’s Tech Call, featured on the Front Page of the The New York Times Business Section and most recently on CNN in airports throughout the United States.

As everything around us is getting “connected” to the internet, Media Street is pushing the social experience OFF the “cold” computer monitor and into a more  “socially comfortable” environment on your coffee table, mantle piece, office desk and night stand:-) Coming Soon: eMotion Social-Connect Digital Photo Frame which plays your facebook photos and status updates, Twitter feeds, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket and so much more.

To help share and enjoy all of your (online as well as your offline) photos, videos and tweets Media Street spun off its core web dev team to create a new Social-Media-Sharing Platform called LifeGoRound.

LifeGoRound, to date, is the easiest and most fun way to share your photos with Grandma, family and friends.  Simply drag and drop photos and albums onto your friends’ “profile image”  (there mug shot, if you will) and it magically appears, in real-time,  on their LifeGoRound as well as their LifeGoRound-enabled Digital Photo Frame.  For more information about LifeGoRound, please visit

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, presented, LifeGoRound and the eMotion Social-Connect Digital Photo Frame, at a high-tech conference, “as a new and clever way to enjoy your Facebook photos.”

Media Street is a privately held corporation owned by brothers Norm and Michael Levy.

  • Norm Levy email address is normlevy @
  • Michael Levy email address is mike @
  • Noteworthy: MediaStreet DONATES a percentage of its monthly profits to The Yablans Cancer Research Fund. The funds are used to aid in the fight against cancer, via Cornell Medical Center in New York City. We do this for the loving memory of Gerald Yablans who was taken away from us too quickly, and, we do this to make it more difficult for each us to perish before our time!

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