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Posted by MediaStreetBloggr on February 11th, 2010

All data is from IDC Research (


IDC Research data shows that House Hold wireless penetration is currently at 45%, and growing dramatically. Digital frame total house hold penetration is 13%, and “wireless” represents less than 5% of total digital frame penetration which translates to plenty of room for growth and opportunity.

The average age of the digital frame purchaser is 38-43.  This age group is technology savvy, and if they purchase a wireless frame as a gift for their parents, knowing their parents limited technology expertise, they will probably deploy a wireless solution to connect the frame. IDC survey shows that ease of use/deployment is what will drive current frame owners to purchase another frame.  The eMotion Social-Connect utilizing the built-in LifeGoRound platform provides them with a compelling solution where they can upload photos and distribute to multiple frames with a click of one button.

Last years Digital Frame sales should be no reflection on future sales growth and opportunity.  2009 was a tough year all around in every category (with the possible exception of Apple products).   With the economy in turmoil, consumer disposable income declined and purchases shifted to focus on necessity rather than items that would be nice to have. As a footnote, one large “Digital Frame brand”  told IDC Research, as one example, that they expect a 5 to 10% growth in orders during 2010. They had a slight growth in 2009, and they are the market leader with 40 to 50% share….

According to IDC data, current 2010 lines ups of 8″ Wifi frames offer street prices between $129 to $149.

Besides its new 8″ eMotion Social-Connect, with a street price at around $140, Media Street will also be announcing a 7″ version that will cost about $20 less.

More Value & Social Rewards for Retailers to Sell WiFi Digital Frames:
When a new user signs up for LifeGoRound (, which is a free, stand-alone social sharing platform, they are greeted with a  photo album from founders Norm & Michael Levy that show how fun and easy sharing is.  That album can be replaced by RETAILERS’ social network marketing efforts such as their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.  From a retailers perspective, the best part about marrying digital photo frames to social media is its inherent, addicting, every day use… Finally, a digital photo frame worthy of sales year-round, not just the last 6 weeks of the year!

For more information, or to set up a face-to-face with Norm or Michael Levy: please email: sales @

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